Groovy metaprogramming

just noted that metaprogramming is quite resembling javascript’s prototype inheritance… after reading this

good to learn this as it is powerful, compensating what is lack in Java  while ot necessarily rely on heavy weight framework like spring to do so


Happy birthday to Alan Turing!
best Google Doddle ever

pretty easy and itutive. As a CS student although I am lazy and not good at explaining every details behind, I got a brief idea on what is happening to appreciate it.

It recalls me I saw some real machines in arithmetic museum when I was in Bonn, Germany. Someone calls it a dumb museum, but there you understand arithmetics and today, computer science,  play a major role in many great leap forwards in human history

No one can believe how much it changes in 100 year after Turing’s birth.

Perhaps people expected even more as in science fictions, there was “AI Winter”,
Turing’s test has not been passed…
But thanks to computers our lives have been changed in many ways (good and bad) already, and it is going to change in a even faster pace.

Hello World!

start to blog again,

this will be (or start with ) a informal & technical one.



organizing my mind

knowledge sharing (bidirectional)

make everything open-source s.t. there will be someone to maintain


professional blogging is sth I wanted for a long time, but couldn’t gain momentum to do so.

Busy with tech everyday now and that is a good way to start with

some assignments for the web course will be posted here, but that is not why I blog.

chosen wordpress against tumblr, which my friend gil is using,  after reading this