Another Neuron killed by Microsoft Series I – Excel Conditional Formatting

look at d3js

Besides work as an open-resource API, It is quite inspiring to how human should interact with Data.

With keen interest in cognitive science, I understand the importance of visualizing data in helping human process the way-too-much information.

For that, today I just wanted to color a cell by value in other cells. that is.

After some struggles I managed to reference the cell next to it (that is) with some over complex formulas

Note: I know there are some tricks for relative reference but I am not the one to master it. I dont vba or write non-readable excel funcitons everyday. I am able to do it when I need, but it just always takes me too much time on simple stuff like this.

I put the formula into the cell and it evaluates as TRUE

In conditional Formatting I put the same formula, it does not work.

The formula is sth like AND(xxxxx()(xjkl())=a,yyyyyy(fads())=b)

Only after some neurons get killed, I removed the AND() function and it works. WTF

I have no interest to check if it is unsupported, for me this is a bug.


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