Java Quiz Preparation

I dont agree this is the best thing to do for learning a language, just to be honest sometimes this will be really helpful in job interviews(Just for the entrance ticket) ——after all interview & your education is a signaling game

There are lots of more important aspects like how to write clean code, object design, testability, etc. This post is mostly about the aspect of basic Java syntax and the language of quiz questions. “can method-local inner class be abstract”, “Output for System.out.print(” ” + 7 + 2 + ” “);”, is ArrayList “ordered” (Ordered !=Sorted) etc.

Just if you are going to use / using Java everyday, it may be also a way to get concepts clear, know the gotchas.

Do it like a machine. Reminds me the old days of HKAL..

First thing, read the manual

Java has bug. Java has design flaw. While if people ask your Java questions, you should read the Oracle stuff. Make sure you understand every sentences in theTutorial. Get used to reading some common java sources when you code– Executors etc. This is the relative efficient way before spending time on deeper Java Source, specification or even JVM bytecode

Some good online free java quiz filtered

More than java syntax


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