Reorganizing my workflow and “info flow”

Original post:

This is the first post in this postachio blog, and first of series of posts – as titled.
I am obsessed in optimizing my workflow. I am also obsessed in information retrieval.I read wikipedia for consecutive several hours. I keep distracted by articles. I do “research” from astronomy to chinese medicine while I consider my job a developer who naturally read tons of documentation & code.  Everyday I am fed up with information and feel there are tons of things that are outstanding.I need to organize them and finally I have time to work on it.
I am talking about cognitive limit of human here – re-organizing this not only make me more productive, it reduces my cognitive stress. It definitely changes my brains as the Internet does
This is the outline of stuff. I dare to consider myself like a machine which do “IO”.
Input:– articles- books- ideas
workflow– tasks- calendar
output:– blogging- notes- (social network)
The first thing will be of course, about blogging. Creating this new blog is part of it.