A/D Test

With ripples in my work and my best friend introducing the book Clean Coder by Uncle Bob to me – bible of programmer as he put it.

Time to think again on professionalism of my work. Ethics is really something in my mind recently. I feel lost and empty that I need to think about it.

Before another story, lets put this quick thing that has been in my mind for a while. This is a WIP

There is a very famous Joel Test by Joel Sposky on how to code better.

I write this to give an idea how serious is the problem. Much lower level. It is very opinionated.

The term Application Developer, or equivalent like SA is very common in the industry.

If Turing Test tests whether there is a human or machine in the room, this A/D test tests whether one works as an application or as a developer. (or as System / as Analyst)

A/D Test

  • On average did you change more than 20 lines of code this week?
  • Did you ever heard of github?
  • So you use version control. You use or at least heard of someone in your office using a distributed version control systems?
  • Does projects related to your work missed 5 times for delivery date / end of testing cycles last month? The Actual complete work I mean.
  • Did you ever read anyone of these books: peopleware, mythical manmonth, clean coder
  • Do you have line or project managers that don’t code but micro-manage and judge your estimation on how to code
  • Besides the lang you using everyday, do you code in other languages after you graduate from college?
  • Did you watch 3 videos / blog posts / a books this month related to improving software engineering that is not a mandatory training from your work?
  • Do you spend less than 2 hours on meeting a day?
  • Do you automate test other than unit test?
  • Do you use shortcut maximize your screen / use ctrl R in bash to look for commands / ctrl + shift + f to reindent your code in eclipse / Alt shift R to change the name in scope ?
  • Are you not feeling a sense of surprise/disgust  when your fellow developer brings a mac / use its own IDE?
  • Do you have more monitors than your project manager? -1 for the reversed situation.

Very sad, if 3 is the passing mark I promise you 80% of the collegue in the big corp I am working in fail. I heard you say WTF. But it is really the fact

I don’t blame people that work like this. But we need a culture that either the title of Developer or the word professionalism should not be assoicated to their role. And more importantly, most of them should not manage me.